Lately on the Farm: Sprouts Growing Up

Since last week, the amount of growth we´ve seen on the farm is astounding! Sprouts are turning into small plants and harvest time seems closer. Here's a sneak preview of what you'll see at the farm stand and in your CSA boxes in a couple of months:

The Green beans are getting taller day by day!


Remember those tiny lettuce sprouts that looked like they could be just about anything? Well, they´ve grown up some and are now actually starting to look like lettuce!


Watermelon! We are growing 4 varieties, including an heirloom from Iraq!


The twins on a mission! Our kids can’t get enough of the farm. They play, chase butterflies and apparently lose their pants in the process…


On the lookout!


Ok, this is pretty gross and doesn’t smell fantastic, but it´s great for the environment and works like a charm: homemade fertilizer from fermented fish waste, earthworm casting juice and compost tea. Here you can see us sending it through the irrigation system to the field.


The kids are oblivious to the stink!


No one ever said farming is easy, but it sure is rewarding. More photos coming next week!