Carrot noodles with cream of broccoli-cilantro sauce

We have a lot of really beautiful carrots that are being pulled in right now. We planted a mix of purple, orange, and yellow carrots. They are all so vibrant--visually and orally: nothing like what one might buy in the grocery store.

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When I think of carrot recipes I think breads and salads. But today I decided to try something different.

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Making the carrot noodles 1. Using a peeler, I peeled the carrots into faux-noodles. 2. Blanch for a few minutes in boiling water; then drain.

That's it!

Making the sauce 1. I sautéed onions and garlic in lard. 2. Throw in a dollop of cream and a bit of butter and gently mix. At this point I added diced fish. 3. Meanwhile, blend a bit of broccoli and cilantro in a blender with a dash of milk and a dash of whey. 4. Pour the blended green liquid into your pan, stir, cover, and simmer.

It was quick and easy. Obviously my measurements are not precise: I'm more of a clean-out-the-fridge cook.

Making corn tortillas I also made some corn tortillas as an accompaniment. To make them faster, I had already prepped the dough first thing in the morning with an entire pack of corn flour. Now, whenever it's time to eat I just have to press them and cook them, and I don't have to mix and measure dough for just a few tortillas. It really makes it a lot easier to want to make tortillas when the masa is pre-mixed. Hopefully this will become a new daily tradition.