On the farm in June

It’s June already!  This season has absolutely flown by!  We have one more month to go, but the majority of the work is behind us. The season is coming to a wrap and we are no longer planting seedlings in the greenhouse or direct seeding the field.  Also there is no need to rip out old beds and prepare them for planting a new crop, not until the beginning of next season anyways. To minimize weed pressure and to save water we’ve pulled the irrigation on the majority of the field. Now we only have to weed a third of the field or so. I’m spending a lot of my waking hours thinking about what to plant next year and how much.  I’m analyzing which vegetables were favorites at the farm stand this year that I should have planted more often, and working it into next year’s garden plan.  I’m also adjusting the quantities of favorites that we simply planted too (way too) much of.  Onions anyone?

costales de cebolla

We're also planning to integrate a habitat for beneficial insects into our space next year.  We need a way to keep dust and wind out of the field, and by planting living hedgerows along the fence we'll be able to provide a home for our insect helpers as well.  We also will plant more flowers, both in the field and in the hedgerows.  Flowers provide pollen for wasps and other predators which gives them energy while they're hunting insect pests!

It´s always good to get feedback; let us know what you think we should plant for next year!  Some new items I have planned are Jerusalem artichokes, globe artichokes, brussel sprouts, strawberries, and radicchio. What would you add?