What a busy week!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope you all ate mashed potatoes and gravy and had second helpings of pumpkin pie! We are now leaving the planting stage and entering the harvesting-while-planting stage, which is obviously twice as much work (but also twice as exciting)!  Here's the first set of plantings looking all green and lush now:

First stage plantings

And while that's getting ready to harvest, the second batch is just getting started.  This is the idea behind succession planting, an idea I'm sure you've seen tossed around in gardening books.  Rather than harvesting the entire field all at once, we can spread out our plantings to extend the time we'll be harvesting (and you'll be eating)!

Second-stage plantings just starting to peek out of the ground

Now we are super busy getting the third-batch into the ground. Here's Elidio placing tomato seedlings into the holes that Carlos is making.

Nov. 25 056

And Leon and I tamping down the earth around our little tomato babies.

Little worker


Our greenhouse is full of plants that are ready to go in the ground and we have a list of things to direct seed as well! Busy busy from here on out but the fun part is starting :D

Oh, and before I forget, today we had chickens! Just a limited amount to start out, but if you are in Todos Santos and want a chicken or two send us an email at ranchobuendia@outlook.com to reserve them.  We should have them just about every week from here on out! We will let you know when we begin offering them to La Paz and Cabo :)