We are an organic farm located in Todos Santos, BCS, passionate about growing quality food that's good for your body, in a way that's good for the soil and good for our animals. We love eating real food from whole ingredients and helping our customers to do the same. Try our products and taste the difference! Rancho Buen Día specializes in CSA memberships, the best baby lettuce mix and also carries a wide variety of all organic vegetables. We also have delicious pasture-raised chickens.

Rancho Buen Dia is a wife/husband and sister/brother partnership:

(From left to right) Carlos, Lope, Caroline, Claudia

(From left to right) Carlos, Lope, Caroline, Claudia

Carlos makes everything on the farm happen, head of operations and production he keeps the farm in forward motion. Agriculture is in his blood; born and raised on a ranch in Todos Santos he has accumulated plenty of hands-on experience over the years by farming in the region. When he´s not working you´re likely to see him playing with his kids.

Lope is the business driven, co-owner of I Love Salads as well as manager of distribution and sales for Rancho Buen Dia. Social and approachable, he´s your go-to-guy for info on the farm, CSA memberships or wholesale purchases.

Caroline is the agriculture expert with serious farming know-how! She assigns tasks and guides the process. In addition to planning crops, ordering seeds and preparing CSA boxes she´s a loving, enthusiastic mom to her and Carlos´ delightful children: Leon, twins Philip and Peter and newborn Ryan. The little ones love to help out on the farm checking the mud-pie quality of the soil and catching grasshoppers.

Claudia, chef by profession and passionate about quality food she takes care of the administrative side of the farm. You can taste her delicious creations from the harvest in her and Lope´s restaurant I Love Salads in La Paz.

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